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415 – call it what you want 2 lyrics


[ d-loc ]
once again d-loc is in the mix and
i’m droppin dope like a m-th-f-ckin kingpin
try to step and yep, you get taxed
cause the 5ft. 7 big mack is back
b-tches just scream when i’m doin my thing
n-gg-s fear for their life when i grab a mic
cause yo, i don’t perpetrate, i drop knowledge
straight from the school of hard knocks, got it?
d-loc is from the m-th-f-ckin streets
home of the homicide – oakland, cali
a city that’s ran by the c-ke nuts
so from the heart we’d like to say: f-ck a drug bust
you ask why and my reply
is n-gg-s from the streets either do or die
just a little somethin that i’m givin to you
i didn’t even name it, so look, call it what you want to

[ richie rich ]
mackin the mic once again is the dubble
the 24 track is mines, you’re in trouble
’90 – d-mn, another decade
well, i guess it’s my turn to get paid
servin it well, m-th-f-cka, i ain’t trippin
the kid from the hill once again does lippin
dubble-r, the man from the oaktown
once again to the mic with a hoedown
cali, b-tch, i’m straight doin it
m-th-f-ckas wanna play close and try to ruin it
but naw, i ain’t really with that
i ain’t no joke, so don’t provoke me to serve it
with an att-tude straight supreme
i gives a f-ck, 415 is a scheme
and i did that, in other words created it
pumped it, and the suckers, they hated it
but the macks and the gangsters loved it
that’s why i pushed and d-mn sho’ shoved it
f-ckin with the 415 and we’ll haunt you
so call it what you want to

[ d-loc ]
call it what you want, and if you don’t you better drop
d-loc and richie rich is finna pop
straight to the t-o-p, it’s the l-o-c
and dubble-r, my m-th-f-ckin homie
doin what we do best, snappin necks like villains
just makin a killin
any m-th-f-cka wanna run up or step up
press your luck and catch a hot one
this is how it’s done where i come from
to have a business you got to be ruthless
just like the guys in the 415
who gives a f-ck about takin a life?
from my point of view it’s a murder or a jack move
but let’s do it like this: call it what you want to

[ richie rich ]
profile: sweat pants and nikes
light sh-t in case i have to strike
on a m-th-f-ckin policeman tryin to jack me
for throwin the dice i hit twice when he tack me
oops, caught me slippin i’m up and i’m out
i had to bank on it, straight to the mouth
comin f-ckin with my money while i’m havin some fun
stupid–ss punk, he shoulda pulled a gun
but now it’s over with, i’m on my way to the deuce
to kick it with the fellas with the gin and juice
straight hustlin and immediately clockin
hoes (?) and started jockin
just like loc said, who gives a f-ck
415 in your face, you better duck
cause loc’s got my back and i know that he’s packin
415 with the nine straight jackin
we couldn’t make a name, this is all that we could come to
haha, call it what you want to

(call it what you want to)
(n-gg-, i’m straight from the streets)
(call it what you want to)
(my homeboy rich kicks up the backfire)
(givin ain’t sh-t, but see, takin is a method)
(so if i kill up sh-t, f-ck it)
(d-loc’s the name)
(name was richie rich)
(call it what you want to)
(if you ask me, he’s a criminal flying from justice)
(call it what you want to) (11x)