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4him – a lot like you lyrics


we’re living in this world
but are we making a difference
maybe the salt in us is out of season
they look into our eyes
i wonder what are they seeing
has jesus been disguised by our religion

and the nations cry for the real m-ssiah
“o come and please show us the way”
we say he’s already come
and that he’s livin’ in us
but can he really be found in our lives today

when your words are his words
when your way his way
when your hands are the hands he can use
when your heart’s desire is just to be a heart
he reaches through
that’s when jesus looks a lot like you
that’s when jesus looks a lot like you

if all this world’s a stage
i guess that we are the players
so in this part we play
what are we saying

do we speak the truth
with the words we’re using
if not, we’re just wasting our time
we’re on a mission of hope
with every seed that we sow
we’ve got to seize every moment that p-sses by

repeat chorus

all we are and all we should ever long to be
is just a vessel just to die
to be fashioned by god’s hand
until all that remains is love

repeat chorus