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4him – wings lyrics


just two brothers with visions of flight
they were certain to grace
the heavens that awaited
orville and wilbur had figured it right
at their moment of fate
their destiny had come to this time and place
far beyond anyones expectations
they lifted into the skies of blue
as they all watched in antic-p-tion
the crowd must have longed for
their own rendezvous
give me my wings
im ready to fly today
ready to wave my worries goodbye
give me my wings
im ready to ride away
ready to leave my troubles behind
whats over my head will soon be under my feet
give me my wings
those who patiently wait are made new
through the turbulent times
somehow they survive it
they will walk and not faint, this it true
through the currents of life
even though it throws them from side to side’
so, im waiting on you through the weather
well take a trip where the eagles dare
and were gonna go through it together
cause ive got your promise
youll carry me there
repeat chorus
i can sail through the trials of life
lord, youre my captain
and youre always there to guide me
ive fixed my comp-ss
and ive set my sights on the ride