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4lyn – bugs in head lyrics


i got my own att-tude and i´ve got my pride.
i got my own point of view!
i got my priorities and i´ve got rigths.
sometimes i`ve got something to hide.
i`m a human being, flesh and blood.
i can run for myself!
i can jump for myself!
i don`t need your help!

is it hard to believe?
to believe someone like me?
tell me, why should i say something untrue?
can i say what i feel?
feel, what i think is real?
i don`t care if you don`t care…
i think it`s fair like that!

i got my own problems.
i don`t need you to solve them!
i got a vision and a plan!
i`ve got my own sense of humor
and no ears for your rumors,
but i don`t think you understand
that i`m a human being…
heart and brain!
i can breathe for myself!
i can bleed for myself!
i don`t need your help


hey you! what`s that sound?
don`t you hear me scream around?
i said…
hey you! what`s that noise?
hear the anger in my voice!
hey you! just step bakk!
you don`t want me to attakk!
i am what i am what i am…
if you like it or not!

chorus 2x