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4lyn – down & out lyrics


have you ever tried 2 dig in a naked man’s pocket?
yo,i got the need 4 liquid,but there’s a hole in a bucket.
i would say “f-kk it”,but i can’t.
by myself means nescescarry,like a teen needs a mu’f-kkin’brand..
yo,i would hit the bank,if they would just let me in,yo,
and i would play lottery,if they would just let me win.
i would work hard 4 my cheese…if i had the time…
but instead i’m writin’songs like these…
“down&out” is the name of this tune,
representin’4 broke m-th-f-kkas,a.k.a. my crew.
“4lyn” means fallin’down 2 the ground,if we find a f-kkin penny,now
how does that sound?
i’m a lonesome mc far away from the riches.
i bought a ski-mask 4 myself,so i can rob one of this rich b-tches.
but i ain’t had the b-lls 4 that,so i took the mask back off and asked
them instead…
“ey baby,are u on ya way home?
it’s so cold and i don’t wanna sleep alone..
the next thing u know,her chihuahua tries 2 bite in my b-lls and
her friend shows up and crashed my head against the wall(ouch!!)
this “blue devils”-quarterback wasn’t part of my plans and this
little dog wasnt part of my pants…
do you wanna know,what else i’ve been into?
skip three tracks forward,and the story continues.