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4th dimension – winter’s gone lyrics


dawn is breaking on these woods cast deep in shades of doom
my road is long, the end so vague, i’m praying to be true
all around a world of ice, so cold and torn apart
i’m trailing on a path of old forsaking days of loss

there came an eerie wind, a calling from the north
the urge to learn the answer to a question left untold

winter’s gone – and i’m left alone
winterborn – father, hearken my call
truth’s been waiting, patient, unnumbered years
countless days i wasted shedding unnumbered tears
winter’s gone…

fragments of reality, the shards of a past long gone
stars and moon, the vault beyond, a poem carved in stone
virgin whiteness, ancient beauty, a glimpse of winter’s heart
dreams they fade yet lore arcane sustains my mortal faith

the coldest night, his lost domain, my oath upon a ring
rhymes renewed for ages, soon i will fulfil…

winterborn – no, i’m not alone
winter’s gone – his essence still flows
snow keeps falling, whirling, spiralling high
so are falling, cleansing, clear tears of ice from my eyes…

winterborn – i’m one with his world
winter’s blood – scarlet stains on the snow
still she’s falling, daughter of ashen skies
i’m falling, falling, close to the light
i feel whole…
i am snow…