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4th25 – the anthem lyrics


give em all that i got
for they break me for what im worth
i know the odds are with the house
but at this moment its in reverse

so why would it hurt
if i was to put it all on the table
5.56 on my chips man
read it across the label

stable then a tre
but i call it a mag
and double down on anything
because my hand aint that bad

they want me survellienced and tagged
cause i know that they scared of me
what im dealt is always killer
so every round they change dealers on me

breakem down for the loot
cause they think that i wont shoot
now its all about the pride
and how i lace up my boots

focused on revenge
because they made it that way
and all hands get a chance
cause i don’t bluff i play

geneva made the rules
of the house from the start
but look i got something for that
look ima start switchin cards

im a force to be recogned with
ask allah to pm
and i’ll cash in my chips
for your ticket to go meetum

this here the soldiers anthem
for our country we stand strong
though our lease on life is short
you see we may not live that long

we understand the odds
but play every hand like its 21
gamble our lives everytime
knowin every hand cant be won


we on the streets like it’s a table in vegas
know the house run it
but we still trying to break the bank
layin bullets down like hundreds

no attention to the odds
though we know bein broke is upon us
we only place bigger bets
cause we can feel 13 comin

our lifes out of our hands
adrenalines pumpin
and though our cards tell us fold
we know we can bluffem

we got too much on the line here
to lay down and not do nothing
so we commit and hope we are
never forced to cut our losses

split 2 b-tches wishin 2 n-gg-z
ed hop up on em
playin our hand so dirty
that we cannot washem

got the house ready to fold
they like somebody stoppem
its to the point now
everytime them dice roll they will not watchem

force the odds in my favor
variables become constant
and i will not lose
that’s just how bad i want it

so i put everything i own on it
even my life
cause i aint leavin here not knowing
whether or not i really tried to breakem

the look in the eyes
though they trying to hide it they shakin
and they don’t wanna deal no more
i got they confidence waivering

but its too late
and though i know the dice are loaded still playem
cause i aint layin down regardless of odds
yall got to break me standin.