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4th25 – the deployment lyrics


its only 3 months out
and i still cant believe im leavin
out here on the railhead sweatin
loadin these trains on the weekend

and now for the first time ever
its startin to sink in
how far were fittin to fly away
and my family, might not ever see em again

cause this year could turn to forever
where we’re headed
plus what to expect i have no idea
so for anything im ready

tryin not to see the stress building
in the eyes of my family
but everyday is more weight forem
and its getting so heavy

they collapsing under the pressure
of the situation we all facin
me im trying to remain calm forem
though inside my hearts racin

got the worst on my mind
though these thoughts i try to replacem
and i don’t even know if im comin home
but i tellem… im gon make it.

4 hours before my flight now
tears forming on our faces
and for these last few hours
reality can no longer escape us

told ourselves this wont happenin
now its happening and we cant change it
so in these last minutes we say bye
to say hi a year later.

look i was madder then a motherf-cker
sadder then a motherf-cker
3 days before my exit
i guess im trapped up in this f-cker

to a
future unknown and i say d-mn i really hate it
cause i know if i was to die today they’d
go find myself a replacement

gave me more of a reason
to ask god and myself why
but i was saved by my manhood
stayed in tact didn’t let me cry

made me more of a man
knowin the normal couldn’t hack it
feelin like im jordan or something
risin above and beyond the f-ckin average

equipped with anger for any stranger
that tags along thru my journey
no goodbyes to my family
addin pages to lifes story

slowly and surely
closing up all unfinished business
dead all my affairs to the rear
cause my social life now is finished

and with god as my witness
im not the only one that’s goin thru it
and i’ll never be alone
cause my comrades is goin thru it

addin gas to the flame
knowin life it isn’t fair
but really p-ssed me off the most
is half my country didn’t even care

kiss my
family goodbye its time to load these planes
4 duffel bags for the next year
all i got to my name

only 4 changes a clothes
and every outfit looks the same
got this rifle slung on my shoulder
with 7 loaded magazines

on my way over to the last place
i ever thought i’d see
where they tell me its millions of people
that need me to set em free

so in exchange for they freedom
i put my own life on freeze
and leave everything i love
to board this plane for overseas

knowin some of us wont make it back
but that’s the gamble we take, and we handle it
cause we are soldiers
and we play the cards we are handed

however they fall, let fate call it
cause for war there is no planning
and some of the things that’s gon happen here
yall will never understand them

but just remember
this is not you here standin
and while were gon pray for each one of us
like we were part of your familiy

and whatever fate we are handed
know we took it like champions
and for those of us who will fall
never let our memory be abandoned.