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50 cal z – a million and one questions lyrics


[verse 1]

get it off your chest keep it real and stuff
you could never walk in my shoes cause they ripped up
2 sizes too small and toes curl up
you wouldn’t even wanna wear em cause they suck
they ain’t that fancy sh-t that everyone has
lets start from the bottom to see what you have
shoes that i wear for 2 years straight
no socks some days, so i don’t waste
shorts that i get from a cheap church place
boxers that are much, bigger than my waste
shirts that are extra large much too great
hold on stop for a moment please ok?
how is your living situation
my living situation is an aggravation
its a good place to be raised in
when the phase p-sses, you just wanna go
where? anywhere i don’t f-cking know
i hope rap takes me on a crazy quest
rap? hold on what about school goin’ to cl-ss?
na man f-ck that i just write raps in the back

[verse 2]

so all in all what do you hope to achieve
i don’t know man it ain’t about the money
sure it would be a real nice reward
but im just always sick of being bored
bored? dont you have friends
yeah but only one understands how i feel in the end
expand on that what do you mean?
im a ambitious kid who just believes
with hard work you can get, anything you desire
screaming at the record labels i just want to get hired
cause i’m tired for no, god d-mn cause
people never hear my sh-t maybe i’m too young
too young? what’s your age? 15
15? just enjoy life and the good times
forget about your rhymes
can’t do that rap is all i got
besides my friends i hangout with a lot
im taking this from the bottom to the top
forget everyone else who just said stop
why did they say that?
cause i was getting 3 hours of sleep, and that
led to some really good raps

[verse 3]

so what’s the next step you got to do?
perform live that way people see us too
recognize the crew the k!ller effect entering you
next question how did you get your name?
it represents my flow i use today
50 caliber rifle and gun
strong punch lines and, fast flow son
so how long have you been writing songs?
since 6th grade man d-mn thats long
yeah i gotten better over the years
writing to smiles and tears
freestylin’, in front of my peers
finally got good music, in my ears
well what do you think of rap these days?
it f-cking sucks i hate what the radio plays
what everything the media portrays
thats cool yeah that guy got swag
f-ck that he is still a f-g
who brags about the b-tches they have
same d-mn thing and he is famous for that?
what ever happened to the good old days
with big puns not lil johns and wordplay
now its bullsh-t about weed and drugs
and keep the drinks all up in their cup
well thats enough i had a good time
now i just hope people recognize your grind
a million and one questions leave that for your mind