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50 cal z – the gate lyrics


[verse 1:]

he got no food/ so he eats mc’s at school
at lunch or after gym/ dont matter no one gonna sign him
he looks like a bum/ f-cking dumb in cl-ss/ failing math
barley p-ssing english/ buthe knows how to break down words like th-is
cypherin on the way to lunch/ with a bunch of this homies
boasting his sk!lls/ he knows that he is ill/ but no one believes
cause all they see/ is a guy with gl-sses
thats just a disguise to hide all the madness
that goes on behind the curtain/ my lyrics will be felt
he got the imaginary championship belt
around his waste crossin this gate and got no time to waste!/

gotta get famous/ dont wanna waste this/oppurtunity that he opend the gate
he doesnt know whats in store/ but he won’t close it, no he won’t close it (repeat x 2)

[verse 2:]

f-ck this life his family so corrupt/
he had enough/ just need to get out
he bout to shout
tell everyone f-ck off goin on with his life
that means shut his door and write rhymes
till his hand is sore
till he can’t feel his fingers no more
till he has no feelings cause they been let loose
on loose paper
ready to grab a noose
and choke himself till he dies/ cause he screwed up his life
thinking he is gonna grow up to be/ a g*nius mc
it was all a dream that never came true/ closin this gate to help him and you/


giving up/ cause it takes too much/ i can’t handle it
dont bury me let me be lit
so i can die hot/ that way i won’t rot
closing the gate and not/ pursuin his dreams cause he bout to end this thing/

[verse 3:] right as he was bout to hang up the towel
got rid of his bowels/ and threw up
now he is back more tough
and determined then eva/ neva/ gonna go to that place again
move on and jump this 8 mile fence
thats been holding me back/ now he doesnt lack
determination got the confidence to battle
now he is bout to give this baby a rattle
go back to the dump and pick up his dreams
put em back in his head cause he beilves
that he is gonna make it into the prime
but there is too much at stake
no there ain’t/ cause i just popped this bubble
bust through the gate now all you see is the rubble

[hook 3:]
gotta get famous/ dont wanna waste this
/oppurtunity that he opend the gate
he doesnt know whats in store/ but he won’t close it, no he won’t close it (repeat x 2)