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50 cent – 50′s my favorite lyrics


i took a sip of the potion
lil’ sk, a little goose, now i’m loose

[verse 1 – 50 cent]quest for the cheddar i bought shiny beretta
i’m firing squad hard, you n-gg-s should know better
than to b-mp with ferrari, calamari
i kill like rebels in , i’m sorry
i ball like i think i’m the prince of abu dhabi
black gold gush out the ground
gun powder fly out the pound
i turn a clown smile upside down
that’s 3 time zones in my watch face
still hard to tell time with diamonds all over my watch face
twinkle like i’m outta sp-ce, i’m a big dipper
you a little dipper, pipe down little n-gg-
nice wheels, but don’t talk money, thats what i’m about
i could fit your house inside my house
and your neighbours and ya yard, oh my god
this sh-t aint about sh-t so i aint gon’ go hard
now kick push, kick push,get the f-ck outta here
kick push

you’re now being hypnotised, close your eyes
and say 50′s my favorite, fifty, fifty’s my favorite
i’m not the the one to play with, i mean what i say b-tch
50′s my favorite, 50, 50′s my favorite
still on that gutta sh-t, forever on that gutta sh-t
50′s my favorite, 50, 50′s my favorite
i know you love that sh-t, real n-gg-s be loving this
50′s my favorite, 50, 50′s my favorite

[verse 2]oh sh-t now a n-gg- floatin’
that luger german, thats kush burning
i’m einstein on the grind
my wheels turning, i’m out in cali not in hollywood
silicon valley, i’m bout to get rich
i mean real rich, i’m talking facebook and spotify type sh-t
i’m not a programmer, i use ghetto grammar
slang, i’m strong as david banner
the hulk, my money come in bulk
and if this sh-t go bad, i go back to the dope
and i pay attention to the murder i wrote
this my light sh-t, my heavy sh-t on the alb-m
lets get right b-tch