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50 cent – back seat lyrics


[50 cent]
now play my tony yayo sh-t

yeah, 50 cent
tony yayo
we gonna do it again

[hook: repeat 2x]
back seat of the caddy truck or tahoe
back seat of the benz truck or expo
back seat of x5 or range rov’
so when i pick you up, you know how this sh-t go – ho

[tony yayo]
hey yo, my truck talk for me
if i was bummy and ugly
your b-tch’ll still have love for me
as long as i push a truck, rims chunky
never open my lips, your b-tch wanna f-ck me
beep the air h-rn, hop in turn the heat on
pick you up off the streets get your feet warm
she giving s-x cause the lex truck takes unleaded
big thick thighs, eyes browner than sahara deserts
deuce-deuce, b-tches, yeah they caught your eye
and them loud system full of b-ss and highs
you see that x5 bm
packed with puerto ricans
bad mommies on the low, just creepin
n-ggas be frontin like they bubbling c0ke
but they really struggling with a high car note, ha … (yeah)

[50 cent]
might see me in the jeep
rollin’ ’round 4 deep
and you know we on the creep
n-gga, i’m holdin’ it


[tony yayo]
back seat of my truck lets swing an episode
f-ck a hotel we have s-x on the road
i pull the seats back
put the sheets in the luggage rack
pull out my b-lls
and play an aaron hall track
i tell a chick “bend over, mami”
hit ’em with the henny d-ck
now my windows foggy
its time to party, i got tv’s, cd’s and dvd’s
now b-tch, get on your knees
you could be a model chick or a silly hood rat
don’t c-m on my leather, don’t stain my floor mats
where’s your baby mama?
she in the truck and i’m blessin her
undressing her
make hop out for air re-freshener
i ain’t stressing her
cause my rims keep checkin her
she’s 21, my rim size older than her
twenty two’s

[50 cent]
n-ggas say they want beef
but when they see me in the street
they don’t slow down to speak
cause they know i’m holdin ..