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50 cent – before i self destruct – thank you’s lyrics


first i want to thank god, momma anna, pops, and my grandparents, marquise, g money, uncle michael, uncle rook and uncle horace. my aunts annie, laurie and geraldine. sylvia, david, bobby, meeka, keisha, sahar, john

my shady/aftermath/interscope team: eminem, tracy mcnew, riggs morales, paul rosenberg/dr. dre, kirdis postelle/jimmy iovine, steve berman, step johnson, ravid yosef, les scurry, susan hilderly, todd douglas, don robinson, faithe, yvette g-yle, jennifer zeller, mike cole, andrew ibea, adam favors, troy marshall, garrett williams, garnett march and the urban staff, nino cuccinello and the crossover radio staff, karen rait and brenda and the top 40 staff

randall emmett and dom at me cheetah vision films company
my book partner robert “the 50th law” greene

my g unit family: lloyd banks and tony yayo. ky miller and sha money
my g unit staff and the entire team at and