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50 cent – boomerang (freestyle) lyrics


yeah i’m back to work man
i’ma do this sh-t til i fall apart

[hook x2]
she boomerang, i do my thing, she come back
everytime that b-tch say she leaving she come back
she boomerang-rang, she boomerang-rang
she boomerang-rang, she boomerang-rang

this one’s for all you n-gg-s on lock down
really missing the b-tch with the d-ck in her mouth
now she say she leaving, i say leave
sh-t i need air to breath
she no neccessity to me, i got game like the nba
pro b-tch, i know sh-t
my nickname nfl, a n-gg- f-cking loaded
i’m rich like them white boys out there playing hockey
nhl, a n-gg- hold a llama and i’m c-cky
should i explain myself, baby i’m on that hood sh-t
so say you wanna go, well i say go ‘head good b-tch
i tour pga, that’s p-ssy n good -ss
b-tch, when your on the jet, everybody first cl-ss
shots of tequila, philippine cuisine, adobo
you know a n-gg- loco
my photo, on cover of the vibe
a n-gg- so live, it’s gq, xxl and black enterprise


all i wanna do is flip money and make a profit
shorty get to working my nerves, she need to stop it
special investigate son, she jumping through my phone
i wanna f-cking be friend this is not want i want
sh-t was cool til she shifted now her emotions involved
i got that d-ck game that put b-tches in pyscho ward
she said she need me like she need air
and it hurts because i’m acting like i don’t care
i was stuck so we f-ck, call it make up s-x
call it magic, she tried to leave, she come back
she gotta have it
she addicted to my left stroke
nah man, my right stroke
i hit the back of that thing, she hit high notes


[outro – talking]
you n-gg-s in trouble man
i woke up this morning, feeling like the old me
i swear to god man
everytime i say something, it’s hot
this sh-t just come outta me man
they say i work just what i am
i’m an artist, don’t waste your time being a critic
because i’m critically acclaimed m-th-f-cker
around the world, i’m 1 of 1
there will never be another me
i’m a perfectionist striving for perfection
50 cent, f-ck with me, g-g-g-g-g-unit