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50 cent – c.r.e.a.m. 2009 lyrics


[intro: 50 cent]
you wan’ smoke that?
go ‘head, roll it son
i don’t give a f-ck man (six figga)
smoke that sh-t man
or you can smoke crack if you wanna smoke crack
i don’t give a f-ck what you wanna do man
don’t look to me to stop you man – yeah
i’m not gettin in the way

[chorus: 50 cent]
cash rules, i keep a shooter ’round me, queens!
get the money, i have a n-gg- killed y’all (killed y’all)
kill the hood, ask n-gg-z ’bout me, jesus!
for the money, n-gg-z’ll go real hard (real hard)

[50 cent]
you are now under my hypnosis
summertime grind, come out with the toasters
i return like a animal ferocious
new money breathe, new enemies, n-gg- you know this
another mil’, another n-gg- sick
i got nothin but hard d-ck for your b-tch to lick
i box you orthodox out boy, outlaw bricks of raw
i’m out in the grind, i make the dope price soar
sh-t cool ’til the mac out, run when it back out
a n-gg- finna blackout, better pray that b-tch jam
it’s in god’s hands, it’s all god plan
you mean even when a n-gg- gettin smoked, godd-mn


[50 cent]
i push my pen with p-ssion, i’m the author of the struggle
when pain is a head crack, designer of the devil
trip’ 6-6-6, i’m back on my bullsh-t
see clear through my third eye; it’s gon’ be a murda
e’ry summer, e’ry winter, e’ry spring
you think i’m bullsh-ttin i put that on e’rything
the shootin gon’ stop right after the sh-t-talkin
i was sellin crack while mike was moonwalkin
20 off a pack, i stack, i can’t call it
i blast ya like nasa, jack, you outta orbit
i mean you outta order, you don’t want me to send a n-gg- to you
so he could put some hot sh-t through you, do you?


[outro: 50 cent]
yeah, i’m back baby i’m back!
new sh-t, the drought over, new product
yeah, man i can’t fit in with these n-gg-z man
i mean n-gg-z got mohawks, they wearin skinny jeans man
i think these n-gg-z is f-ggots man, for real man
they with the rainbow club man
you think this sh-t is a fad? c’mon man!
i think it’s more than that man
i think it’s more than that
so if a n-gg- wear a dress, you gon’ put on a dress too?
c’mon man…