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50 cent – chase you outta here lyrics


you gotta watch your face

i told n-ggas i’m a hustler, it’s like they keep on forgetting
36 mil in 8 months, you still think i’m bullsh-tting?
catch me on top of fortune’s hot 100
head of g-unit enterprises, still getting blunted
went from selling crack to rap, that’s two different games
but they’re parallel to each other, homie, so they’re quite the same
you know that crack spot so hot, you better off playing the block
fiends can’t help but be fiends, they come and cop for the cops
back in the pens again, penitentiary doors spin
the game full of heartbreaks, can i win for christ sakes?
ace after ace, lady luck just won’t f-ck with me
that’s why i got this att-tude, n-gga don’t say what up to me
i took something heart-pumping, move and i’ll pop something
cop bricks, break ’em down to pieces and prop something
n-ggas stay in stunt mode so i stay strapped up
my body language saying ”f-ck around and get clapped up”
i sip on c0ke when it’s with henny, go for broke with the semi
n-ggas talk behind my back, but they don’t really want it with me
p-ssy n-ggas pop sh-t, me i’m on that block sh-t
that rubber band, hundred grand in that night box, b-tch
you know the raps bought the benz, and the crack’s bought the rims
vivica she bought the gym, told ya i’m a f-ckin’ pimp
i was born a bad seed, i defied the odds
i ain’t play the hand i was dealt, i switched the cards
still i keep a poker face, frontin’ i’mma catch a case
flip out, poke your face, you’re laid out, now what a waste
i’m super fly ron o’neal of this rap sh-t
when that drama pop and you get shot
let’s see you bounce back, b-tch

you n-gga, you come around this b-tch frontin’
i’mma have to chase you outta here