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50 cent – damn lyrics


[intro: {dj whoo kid}]
g-unit man!
50 cent man! what?
yo! {whooooo! whoooooo! }

[verse: 50 cent]
when the street lights go on – the wolves come out
stick-up kids they know the kid – cause i been with’ them out
n-ggas eyeball my shines, i can’t stand it
with my little 5 shot three eighty that keep jamming. [gunshot] {d-mn! }
n-gga i got a felonies, i ain’t no rat
you play me close fool – and you gonna get clapped. [gunshot]
i feel chills up my spine when the d’s look back
cause i’m dirty, got a blunt and half a pack and my gat! {whoo kidd! }
frankie ain’t pumpin’ sh-t. – till lance come back home
it’s 4 n-ggas in that clique, lance they backbone
they p-ssy but if homes say: “shoot! ” [shot] they start shooting
but now they at homes wake [gunshot] – and they deep in it recruiting. {d-mn! }
pop already had the block, they said: “f-ck him! ”
put n-ggas in the huddle – gave ’em simple instructions
said – operation: “shut-down”, the block, 12 o’clock
y’all n-ggas pull to that strip and let off like thirty shots. [automatic gunshots] {whoooooo! }
to make it hot! [gunshot] – n-ggas shot charlie in the leg
but he broke and always beggin’ should’ve shot him in the head. [gunshot] {d-mn! }
this cat bustin’ busta’s, he runnin’
made it to that building
elevator 4th floor
he pulled knocked on the door. {shadyville! }
“papi let me in, i’m shot!
n-ggas wildin’ on the block.”
“son i’m hit, no bullsh-t! ”
“oh, sh-t n-gga what the f-ck happened? ”
“n-gga pulled through in the black hooptie and start clappin’! ” [gunshot]
come in! come in! [gunshot] – i’m on some hood sh-t
just try not to bleed on my my mamas good sh-t. – d-mn!