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50 cent – don’t eva fuck wit niggas lyrics


[terror kidd]

come on, n-gg-, i ain’t here to make no friends, just cut the checks
i got a long pump that’ll put your stupid -ss up in steps
begging n-gg-s don’t understand though
probably cause my hand glow when i’m antic-p-ting the lambo
lean out my bucket for n-gg-s thinking they rambo
you get one warning so i suggest you let your man know
these rap n-gg-s portray to be tough, n-body acting soft
’til they laid out in the hospital, eating applesauce
usually for yapping off and turn apologetic
waving a white flag, the danger they might have
my n-gg-s buying so much ammo

[dr d]

n-gg-s done heard about my click how we stay wit the toastas
blood in, blood out, la costa nostra
you don’t wanna bang wit the best
i’ll have doc removin fragments from your chest
they say god’s a forgivin’ man, i hope he forgive
pray the sh-lls i let off don’t curse my kid
they say fifty done blew up, fifty a changed
n-gg- you stunt, i put out
and you see i’m that same n-gg- that when he start to roar
i think he’s flyin

[chorus 50 cent]

why you naggin me? [naggin you?]
girl you houndin me [oh now i’m houndin you]
why you harrasin me? [stop playin]
i don’t want alone time, i just wanna f-ck

repeat twice

[terror kidd]

money over b-tches is my motto, in the street i’n known for catchin hollo’s
packing pistols and drinking (belvy) and grey goose out the bottle
no role models, only killas and fiends
withness my n-gg-z strapped with gats, and army fatigues
if it’s murder, he wrote it, if i’m lying
let the devil excel quoted and know that i’m strictly a rap poet
babtized in my own tears, (chestized) by my own peers
i’m a product of my childhood years
my mother told me i’m hopeless, my pops wasn’t around
one of the reasons why i’m clutchin a pound
california dreaming, chronic smoke out the beamer
one hand on the nina,scheeming got these hoochie b-tches screaming
they know that i’m a celeberty – keep the cop-killers in the clip
and watch my back is what my n-gg-z keep telling me
twenty-one years old, no felonies so i ride with the desert
and pay homage to the hardest rap legends
i’m troublesome

[chorus 50 cent]

until it fades