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50 cent – freestyle lyrics


(50 cent talking)
yeah n-gg-
yeah we gona smoke this mother f-cka
right hear right
we gona smoke this sh-t
then im gon drink a lot of water
so my p.o don’t find out im smokin this sh-t
(50 cent)
n-gg-s wouldn’t rob franky if they had the chance
wasn’t coz of him it was coz of his man lance
now franky cut crack
lance saw the macks
and if fiends f-ck with franks crack
lance cut the crack heads
he popped up
thought he was locked up?
came through stuntin with his wrist all rocked up
should have seen the smile missin a tooth
coop missin a roof
he like wat up fifty
im like wat up wit u
lance had a reputation that was well earned
plus he tought n-gg-s how the sh-lls burn
out there in red curn
at the dice game
he rolled a hand crack in the crack
im like nahhh i aint payin for that
us n-gg-s shoot his back
n-gg-s lookin at me crazy they shook
i don’t give a f-ck wko he shoy out in red hood
ask about bars bizzy was my mean
then they beat me ten grand sold my mack for seven grand
lance thirsty i can tell by his look
coz he look the way i look when i look for a drug
b-tch mother f-cker
team work work hard n-gg-
fifty cent tony yayo rotten aplle n-gg-