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50 cent – funny how time flies lyrics


“funny how time flies”

i know what she like,
i know what she want,
yeah yeah [x3]

my b-tch just like me so i know she want stunt,
a taste of the good life, yeah i know what she want,
a trip to pr, s-x in the car, floating diamonds shabar,
cool as hood, it’s all good, that’s what we are,
find exotic sp-ce to visit, chinchilla, gator-lizid
that’s how a n-gg- gizzit, when i’m on my shizzit,
bright light, city lights, for n-gg-s so flashy,
how you like that, dat ferrari flew past me,
so fast a n-gg- don’t know limits,
had a bad b-tch in it, i can’t see da boy tinted,
get the money then spin it, break rules or bend it,
to my liking, i move like a viking, a warrior,
i shouldn’t mean more to you,
i’m the american dream, one man regime,
shorty love me like she love new shoes,
then she sure to investigate me like the feds ohhh,

funny how time flies, when were making love,
it goes on and on and on,
we just can’t go wrong [x2]

n-gg-s smile, they can frown, they can love it,
they can hate it, they can wish mad sh-t on us,
it’s cool we made it,
look at me to see the lords blessings,
while they stressing,
switch whips, push the bugatti through the recession,
it’s just me and you, i can see it clear,
hoes coming i need you to sn-tch this b-tch to here,
it’s all hood, you hesitate they put our life on pause,
it’s a commen wealth state baby they make up laws,
f-ck ? it’s you or me baby, we all we got,
i say we gon make, they sayin we not,
yeah but they don’t know i’m meant for you,
they don’t know how you into me,
they don’t know sh-t bout how we bond mentally,
their relationships are oh so basic,
they can’t understand how we do and how we say sh-t,
so blunt, don’t front, i got you open,
it’s the original g sh-t, you know how we duck down,


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