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50 cent – get on your knees (feat. g-unit) lyrics


(50 cent)
yo whoo kid man
drop this sh-t man
hurry up man i gotta go
aah yeah
50 cent- g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g-unit haha

baby if you get on your knees,
put me in your mouth and suck me off
you know i got you
(come on baby, just kiss it for me)
(just put it in your mouth)

(50 cent)
she was hesitant at first
said she never did it before
as soon as i got it going
she was going like a pro
she went up and down
like a merry go round
and.. round and round
and splash
she was freaky freaky
when you get her in the bed
you need.. g’s like me to get her to give you head
my con-ver-sation is stim-u-lating
she in room 10-19 in the hilt’ and waiting
she got a thing for ballas
i mean a thing for b-lls
and i had turned her -ss out
so im the one she calls
on the cheek she kiss me and she tell me she miss me
bein’ ’round me got her used to drinkin don and cristy
i’ma special n-gg-
look i’m used to blindin’
keep that benz so clean and those three wheels shinin

(chorus x3)

(can’t be serious 4 in da mornin)
(lloyd banks)
right in da mornin i rolled over
guess who was over my shoulder
a pretty round, round (round)
who just got finished goin downtown
but at night wit no lights
i have you wonderin
if its a lightin bug in your mouf
or a glow-in-da-dark tongue ring
banks needa ghetto chick
set a n-gg- up wit -ss
sneak around till he fall asleep
diggin in his stash
leave wit everythin