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50 cent – gun jam lyrics


[50 cent:]
yeah this is just my intro
its serious man this is sirius radio right here
ggggg unit radio
shady ha ha ha
just givin’ ’em a little somethin’ somethin’

[verse 1: 50 cent]
you screamin’ ya gun jam
n-gg- your gun ain’t jam
they let off ya b-tch -ss ran
you screamin’ ya gun jam
i know your type fam
you p-ssy i understand
you screamin’ your gun jam
you run when the shots fire
you scared the f-ck to death of that hollowtip diet
intensive care unit after n-gg-s get sprayed up
jamaica hospital third floor when you layed up
make sure your bills get paid up
so its nine one one
when you see my gun
i’m popular n-gg- the police know me
just cause of this rap sh-t i’m rich now homie
man when you not around i got your b-tch all on me
she want to be my wife now
she like my lifestyle
my shotty b-mpin’ its the sweetest taboo
i play something smooth when i stunt in my coupe
ooooooo you know these n-gg-s ain’t like me
everything i say i got in these raps i got bee
the cars, the cribs, the jewels, the tools
the nines, the tecs, the macs ooooooo
the burners the gats man if you confused
i’ll send a n-gg- from my hood to put a hole in you
i rock g unit hats, hoodies and shoes
got “g unit” tatted on my b-tch too
i drink g unit water watchin’ g unit p-rn
this is shade 45 n-gg- g unit on

[mike epps:]
f-ck the cos
f-ck all of ’em makin’ money off of n-gg-s
they just mad yayo
cause they can’t make no more money off you
they was makin’ a percentage off your head every day in there
now you makin’ off of them
f-ck ’em yayo