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50 cent – i gotta win lyrics


[intro: 50 cent]
yeah this is what you call inner city blues
now that i got you here i got your attention (i’m a winner winner)
i wanna welcome you all to the winner’s circle

[chorus 2x: 50 cent]
i’m a winner winner, look i gotta win
after i win i got to win over again
please don’t confuse a, n-gg- for a loser
watch me maneuver, with the ruger
look i gotta win

[50 cent]
by any means, i’m a 7 or 11
trip’-6 or a cee-lo, you ain’t hear that from me though
my occupation’s operation get money
got that beam on that 9; got that money on my mind
got no patience, man i grind like i’m runnin out of time
see the sun shine reflect off my shine, you’re blind
you write hot lines like mine lines, you’re signed
that b-tch bad, her -ss so fat cl-ss she mine
i’m addicted to it, me i got to win
over and over and over again
this quest for the paper is never gon’ end
so to my compet-tion here’s the message i send


[50 cent]
man you ain’t a shooter, you ain’t a robber
you talk like a mobster, you f-ckin blogger
i say some hard sh-t you wan’ say somethin harder
smack the sh-t out you, you wan’ run to the law huh?
this movie’s a rerun, you seen this before
she used a vibrator and she suck on your boy
i stand out like a sore thumb, i’m hard to ignore
you get addicted to the d-ck then have to go through withdrawals
after i go through the drawers, i’m back on my grizzly
back gettin busy, causin a frenzy
it’s nuttin new to me, there’s nuttin they could do to me
that ain’t been done to me – this is fun for me