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50 cent – i’ll do anything lyrics


“i’ll do anything”

[intro: 50 cent]
this for the b-tches n-gg-
i’ll do – i’ll, do, anything for you
i’ll do, anything you want me to (i’ll do do do-do do do do)
i’ll do, anything (anything for you)

[50 cent]
me? i done been around the world six times (uh-huh)
a bad b-tch in every part of the world’s been mine (yeah)
but you can change me, baby you can change me
oh sh-t, look, i’m already not the same, see? (ha ha)
shorty you make me feel brand new
i’m not runnin game girl, i swear you do
you’re too cold to hold and too hot to handle
me and you girl, there’s nuttin we can’t do
you like girls, i like girls too, we got somethin in common
now how the h-ll could that be a problem?
shorty let’s laugh, let’s dance, let’s drink, let’s f-ck
right here, right now, sh-t, we only live once
i should not be reprimanded, i cannot be blamed
my l-st on level 10; i’m tryin to get it in
i’ll have you c-mmin down your candy walls
get it wetter than niagara falls ’til you climax, that’s all

[chorus: 50 cent]
they think, i’m a fool
cause i’d do so many things, for you
i’ll, do anything… i’ll, do anything
but they don’t know the reason
it’s why i do all the things i do for you
i’ll, do anything… i’ll, do anything
i’ll do

[50 – over chorus]
yeah yeah yeah
i do a lot b-tch!
ha ha…
i mean you should be in f-ckin love with me
look all this fly sh-t you got

[50 cent]
i keep a bad b-tch on deck (uh-huh)
we retro drinkin, yeah sippin moet
look man – my shawty got -ss for days
i smack it, sit and watch it wave (uh)
when it’s stress on my brain, the head games relax the pain
so good i get to buyin her thangs
like tennis bracelets and chains, studs and diamond rangs
i’m givin her the finer thangs
that’s why she don’t complain
i kinda got her open mayne, i stroke that thang
on different ends of the globe
we international now, whoa


[50 – over chorus]
yeah, yeah
you know n-gg-z sayin i’m crazy, right?
it’s cool though
they don’t know how we get down baby

[outro: 50 cent]
that’s me and you, you know? (i’ll do)
they ain’t supposed to understand it (i’ll do do do-do do do)
you know i say some sh-t i ain’t supposed to say
but you know how i feel (i’ll do)
i should be a -sshole whenever i feel like it (i’ll do)
after – look at the sh-t i bought you man (i’ll do do do-do do do)
c’mon man, don’t give me no headache man
you a b-tch when you on your period, right? (i’ll do)
don’t come at me with that bullsh-t man
(i’ll do, i’ll do do do-do do do)
do anything for you girl!
i’ll do… anything

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