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50 cent – killin me not to kill you skit lyrics


[spoken: 50 cent]
southside, tell me you miss me, tell me you love me
it’s 50, yall already know what im about
live from london
i’m coming back, man, it’s my last trip through there, man i’m comin back
know what i’m sayin? i’m a see whats left of yall n+ggas, man
you know? a lot of funny sh+ts be going on, an
it’s been k!llin me, not to k!ll you
i’m a tell u n+ggas the truth right?
i woulda been k!lled me, if i wasn’t me
ya’ll n+ggas is sweet
and that n+gga kev leek is a snitch
got mossy and allen in the big house
godd+mn n+gga! that’s why you ain’t never go to jail, n+gga?
ah sh+t
not kev, not cool+ass kev!
ah man… f+ck it!