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50 cent – last chance lyrics


this is it baby
this is life man
this is living for real
(it feel like a dream man)
lean back with the ac blowin, cruise

[verse 1: 50 cent]

i’m the last to laugh, the first to blast
the ar fire so fast ya dead in a flash
this is, more than rap it’s more than a track
this is southside branded all across my back
this is the chrome on the ‘lac, this is paper to stack
this is shortie from ya dreams with the -ss so fat
this is better than blow, it’s better to know
50’s that n-gga fa sho, f-ck with the blow, slow down
this is the last chance to dance, the last chance for romance
the last, this is the last chance for me to get in your pants
last chance for us to slide down
it’s better than bentleys it’s better than benz’
it’s better than exotic cars when i’m up in it
it feels like heaven, it’s better i bet
it feels so good it’s wetter than wet
that project p-ssy is oh so good
i better take my -ss back to my hood
there’s oh so much i’ve been missin’, listen
shortie you know how i do i’m comin thru