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50 cent – the glow of a thug lyrics


[verse 1]
some friends turn foes over money and hoes
when they family ain’t tight, when they money ain’t right
when you party with me, you party all night
cause i ain’t with doing nothing if we ain’t doing it right
players hate us when they getting face-to-face altercations
they be getting played like sony playstation
when the feds having fun, c-ckblockers try to stop me
i heard some cats be in the background trying to clap me
i see them when they start scheming, i know what they thinking of
mad at us for being players and they can’t get no love
what it boil down to, cause my flow’s hot, your flow’s not
you’re so-so going against 50 cent, that’s a no-no
y’all know better than that

flowers blooming, morning dew, and the cats just ain’t the same
it’s a pleasure when you treasure all that’s new and true in the game
easy living while we’re pimping what we know we’re dreaming of
we are one having fun walking in the glow of a thug

[verse 2]
first it was me and my pistol, but since the last mistrial
spin up a cristal, i’m living it up
my lawyer, k.o.’d the case, checked the lawbook for my name
i sit in courtrooms and throw signs like i’m a mason
money is power, envy is cash, breed evil
i could be robbed with the jewels i drop
came into the store a year ago
i decided to stack chips on the whip
push the hoot, now i be sitting on beach huevo
contemplating coping the coupe… hmm, should i?
ghetto as i wanna be, i say “what up dude?”
when i breach you serve you bricks, through time to beat you
send you back if you headed to your people
threw out my chest when i make power moves like i’m right on the l


[verse 3]
you wanna, party with me, come on, party with me
oh, you don’t wanna party with me, it’s aight with me
shorty, what’s your favorite champagne, cristal, moet or dom p?
lighten up, get a bottle boo, but it ain’t on me
i’m caught up, in my ghetto way of thinking
from the ice, to the minks, to the champagne we drinking
big boys is playing benzos with amg kits and 20 inch lorenzos
follow me, round and round, the club
3 and a quarter drop-tops with hard tops
20 whips for chip; that’s it. average joes who flip bricks
my team flash keys like they grow on trees
when it’s hot, park the whips and ride bikes
if you [?] through traffic on the turn-bikes, aight