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50 cent – this is murder not music remix lyrics


[verse 1: 50 cent]
i’m on a hard bench trying to sleep in the holding pen
man, how the f-ck did i get here again?
first thing in a morning, it‘s the f-ck sh-t
they called the case, i got confronted by a tough snitch
you told me do it, don’t act like you ain’t told me do it
you ain’t a shooter, you a shermhead, you f-cking loser
i fly the kite, my little man’ll cut his sister up
he loves his b-tch, you snatch her he’ll start switching up
i’m cool, i just wait ‘til my next court date
i better catch amnesia then do this sh-t at leisure
surrounded by bloods, crips, kings, and ñetas
gemstars open n-gg-s up like berettas
i’m trying to be easy
but every now and then i gotta put it in, please believe me
you get to looking at me strange, i’m prepared, jack
a buck fifty, keep the change, you can wear that

this is murder, this is not music
i had your style 10 years ago, i just didn’t use it
you n-gg-s forgot how i do it
well, i do it like there’s nothing to it

[verse 2: arny]
i’m tryna come up they want me to lose again
i ain’t confused flashback im on my moves again
situations get ugly you can see the real friends
stab you in the back whilst you stuck in the pen
diabolical i’m satans angel with the weapon
you want me to be the bad guy i guess i am then
no point doing good when i got a black heart
well i guess i’m gonna use the sh-lls of the mac as darts
sincere life is not clear from the start
call me the paper boy chasing dreams god plz dont tear em apart
have i got there or am i there yet i say that i should believe
no one loves you they figure out you were there all along when they grief
i separated as a child called myself an outcast because of my teeth, i knew i was sharp a different species predator on the gully streets
happiness suppose to surround you not when you’re walking in my feet, i’m still striving for success i want to achieve until i reach defeat
get at me uh