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50 cent – who shot ya? lyrics


[intro: 50 cent]
yeah, uh+huh, yeah
i got it, keep going
here we go, flex

[verse 1: 50 cent]
if dead men can talk, can you sleep?
yo homie told you who got him
would you have the heart to shoot the n+gga who shot him, or would you start switchin’ up?
you thinkin’ ’bout the penitentiary, you b+tchin’ up
what if he said money ain’t everything? the hood raised us wrong
all jux’ll get your money long, but look here i’m gone
would that touch your heart, have you feelin’ funny inside?
would that be enough to make yo punk ass ride?
what if he gave you a little list of things to do?
said he wouldn’t have to die, he could live through you
would you, load the gat and get ready to ride?
or would you lock the door at yo crib and hide?
it’s a cold world even when it’s hot outside
whether sun shine or rain, you still feel pain
hit him ’cause he gave you strength, now you in a daze
yo homie+ is in his grave, cause you+
y’all know who k!lled him, filled him with them [?] and the [?] and the deserts
them boys smoked your homie, you ain’t gon’ do nothin’ back?
not even if he told you “you next and get clapped”?
don’t take much for them sh+lls to make a mess of you
yo peoples gon’ prolly cremate and burn the rest of you
yeah, get ’em!
[verse 2: tony yayo]
ayo, ayo, it’s t+o+n+y y+a+y+o
the light on the .44’ll light up yo [?]
bag gettin’ chopped at the [?] and the blender
so the coupe got tv, and the trail spinners
i’ma hustle like larry flint, fly pimp in bulletproof [?] with [?]
i catch stunts like evel knievel
i got that diesel and that x, and i’m not vin diesel
yo, i know you love the choppy flow, the rocks that glow
i’ll have your man laid out in a hospital
he wasn’t thinking with his mind, he wasn’t logical, what? yo!

[outro: 50 cent]
woah, 50 cent, 50 cent
g+unit, ha ha
you want beef with me?
take a number and get in line
you want pairs with me?
i pop ya top off with the nine
you mad at me?
sh+t, ’cause you can’t shine
you ain’t gettin’ yours?
that’s f+cked up ’cause i’m gettin’ mine