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500 miles to memphis – sunshine in a shotglass lyrics


i got back early
no one was home
the place is so empty here all alone
i bet you’re out tonight living it up
i wish i could
it would do me no good
i sat in the kitchen
i finished the booze
i took all the pills sitting on the shelf
i’m ready to drown
ready to drown
ready to drown, but there’s one more thing i’ve got left to say

i’ve got nothing left now
i risked out everything to spend my time with you
and now that she’s leaving i’m here dying
i’ll be raising up a shot gl-ss tonight

when this life’s over remember me sober
at some point in time we were doing alright
i can’t blame you for leaving
i’d have done the same, because you don’t deserve to get mixed up in this game
i’ll praying with a shot gl-ss tonight
i’ll be buried in a shot gl-ss tonight