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501deadboi – switchmyflow prod wxsterr lyrics


verse 1:

diamonds on me wet, like a creek i think
drip like a sink, with a leak on my link
blood in me ice cold like a rink
golden frieza with the f-cking death beam

dairy in my pocket lookin like ice cream
feeling like piccolo, all my money green
ballin’ like kareem, it seems i’m the dream
all these hoes on me, playin’ games like it’s steam

i’m gonna hit you, if you got an issue
my bullets gonna cut through your brains and tissue
hollow tips gonna kiss you, i’m never gonna miss you
you soft as a tissue, why i hit em with missles?

blood in the freezer, got my chain out the freezer
think that i’m kidding like ya how been teasing
feel like vegeta, my galick gun heating
i made my b-tch c-m and i don’t have to eat her

verse 2:

like woah!
i just switched my flow
f-ck ya b-tch now she my hoe
rock v lone now you a clone
b-tch i’m higher than a drone

rockstar hoe no post malone
sip some sprite and snort the “c-ke”
harry potter, what my cloak?
rope, on my throat i slip and i chole like


verse 3:
diamonds clear like chandilier
i got no fear she wet like a tear
you best buck like you was a deer
b-tch make everything, ?

play with extendo like it was a nintendo
used to live in the bando, pulling strings like a banjo
diamonds they dancin’, pull out the machete
jason versus freddy, b-tch i am so ready

woah, i’ll be on ya street
ak up, uh, in my seat
like miami keep that heat
bust that sh-t right on repeat

woah, silver on my teeth
ball like the chiefs, i smoke on keef
my b-tch wet like coral reefs
sipping ack up in my lean