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501today – zoom! lyrics


she calling her father and my phone started “ay”
i jumped out the building it started to cave
i’m hitting it once and forgetting the face
like um who are you do i know that mistake?
i’m getting real rude i’m forgetting my place+but can you blame me?
this sh+t is hades!
they sign in 380s!
i’m moving to texas and i’m changing my name cuz they hate on a b+++++++ that started with j
i’m roling the beamers and smoking the j’s
it got me real lazy
i can’t relate things
can you explain it
moving in hd
i’m the off the bottle whilе toking the
she like a modеl she posting a
walking debacle like most of us
taught him to walk and he boasted up
in brand new lamborghini truck
walk in the place then boom boom boom
get shot in the face
with a broom broom broom
i’m late to the meeting got to
zoom zoom zoom
your b+tch isn’t not pretty she go
moo moo moo
moo moo moo
move move move
f+ck out the spot b+tch!