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504 boyz – d-game lyrics


(feat. master p, terror, krazy)

n-gg- this motherf-ckin 504 sh-t deep
the south done hooked up with the east baby
the colonel master p, terror, and i am krazy
i’m thugged out feel it

wuz up playah ya’ slick with that
hundred g chain with the bracelet to match
well check this out here wodie lay on the ground
for i show your clown -ss how these hot b-lls sound, they goin’

click click blouh blouh click click blouh
click click blouh blouh click click blouh
click click blouh blouh click click blouh
click click blouh blouh that’s my style

problem with terror take it straight to gun
so we can keep it coporate give up your block and run
too much paper here to try an’ count by ones
whole head cross me, our hollow wall is young
for you haters on the streets tryin to measure my blow
if you see the new whip know to add nine o’s
now i’m up to 2 bricks or 72 o’s
if you counting by the whips then it’s 8 different flopes
i’m heavy lover whether diamonds or broads
heavy lover whether cocaine or cars
and what i hop in, its my option
to shift your m-ss put chronic in your dash


[master p]
now if its on put the dope in the bag baby
you come short i’m gon’ bust yo’ -ss baby
the neighborhood dope man fool yeah that’s me
i’m out that 5-0-4 to that c-p-3
give me an ounce and i’m gon flip it to a brick n-gg-
you got my scratch–you snitch then you a b-tch n-gg-
hit the pen you probably gon’ be a missed n-gg-
so here’s some prop for your motherf-ckin tiss n-gg-

imagine all the bricks in the projects was made of cocaine
i’d be richest young n-gg- in this rap game
all my money come in arm of trucks
more cars more houses more hoes to f-ck
you wasn’t worried when i was local n-gg-, i’m world wide
you n-gg-s can’t take it, you petrified
the let me loose out that i reveal, thuggin wit p
it’s no limit until i die yall can’t f-ck wit me


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