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504 boyz – enemies lyrics


(feat. x-con)

yall m-th-f-ckas better keep yall eyes open (ha)
you ain’t gotta see ay m-th-f-cka to get hit

i got some enemies
i know they coming to get me
and if i gotta die taking some yall with me
they best to be prepared for this war
cause i’m get cha
i gotta infa-red
it’s guarenteed to hit cha
got a hole click of m-th-f-ckas
call them souljas
16,17 knockin heads of ah sholders
i told ya
we all screamin loud cause we bout it
i’m stunntin throught my hood
get your p-ssy -ss crowded
b-tch i’m from that route
strictley bout that g’z
knockin of enemies with them two 23es
gotta get em for they cheese
p-ss it to tha bg’s
them n-gg-s we don’t know
see ya can’t get these
all i know is money
all i see is greed
bustin heads to the fact
trigga finger on tha squeeze
n-gg- please
iheard you was workin for them focks
that’s tha reason you b-tch -ss n-gg-s gotta go
enemies with no faces

enemies enemies
enemis with no faces [x4]

we loced up and we still on a mission
ridein four deep
2000 expedition
got a hole click and we strapped
case we get into some sh-t
gotta keep them in there place
n-gg-s all in my face
f-ck all these hoes and these no nos
and ride on some 22es low pros
and some mo mo
kickin in your front door
lookin for them mo z’s
strapped with them 44es
a click full of bg’s
alot of yall n-gg-s still believe it’s a game
sence i made a come up
that sh-t bout to change
either yall can roll with tha click that i’m with
or every time i see you
we get off in your sh-t
if you can’t stand the heat
get the f-ck out from the stove
it’s all about tha cheese
got no time for these hoes
i mean if you really wanna see me act a fool
well get into my sh-t
and watch me grab for the 2
on tha cool it’s the rules
you break ’em you die
you thought you was bad
they think you can ride
ain’t know sence of catchin other cases
f-ck with the perpetrators
them enemies with no faces


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