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504 boyz – roll roll lyrics


roll roll
(feat. krazy)

ain’t no block too hot
me and my n-gg-s bout to open up shop
hot boy n-gg- grab the glock
so me and my n-gg-s we can sell our rocks
ain’t no block too hot
me and my n-gg-s bout to open up shop
hot boy n-gg- grab the glock
so me and my n-gg-s we can sell our rocks

[master p:]
every bag of that raw
we hustle in the park
from dusk to dawn n-gg-
from dawn to dark
now if you tweakin, boy
you better be creepin
but if you beefin, n-gg-
you bout to be sleepin
me and my dogs
we don’t f-ck with you cats
go to the pen
don’t f-ck with no rats
see this sh-t is real
i sleep with one eye open
see in the ghetto
n-gg-s gotta be pistol totin
a thousand f-ckin’ grams
that’s what i’m workin’ with
come short on the d
you know what you twerkin’ wit
it’s murder
i represent the third ward
we tote mac 11’s
if i die, write my name in the sky
my n-gg-s bust yo’ -ss
yall gon’ know why (baby)

roll roll roll ya dough
up and down the street
on the first and fifteenth you don’t have my money
me and my boys we gon’ bring that heat (ya heard me)

it’s a problem
i ain’t get my hands dirty wit ya
??? gon’ come get ya
chopper split ya
a young soldier
plottin’ to rule the world with riches
ask p to use this hummer so i can f-ck some b-tches
run the block all week
trying to dodge the cops
n-gg-s prayin’ on my death before my alb-m drops
my n-gg-s wearin wires
feds tappin’ my phone
send a check to irs so they can leave me alone
told my dog believe you we can rule the world
he didn’t listen
he’d rather stuff his nose with furl
they found him dead in the project
brains on the ground
when you a fiend
that’s the way the game go down


i’m from the ? chopper too!
come f-ckin’ around wit me ain’t no tellin’ what i’ma do!
put my foot so far up yo’ -ss i’d probably lose my shoe!
that n-gg- chokin!
motherf-cker coughin’ up blood
well f-ck the ?????
you don’t want that drama to come to you!
yo’ mama to come do you!
cuz hot iron will run ya through ya!
you and yo’ dudes don’t be around cuz you’ll catch a contact
if you ain’t got beef wit a n-gg-
don’t be ’round beef
you won’t be on yo’ back

oh it ain’t my fault
we’ll dead these n-gg-s
can’t move we infrared these n-gg-s
we’ll do these n-gg-s
black proof these n-gg-s
close casket these boys
black suit these n-gg-s
we’ll blast these n-gg-s
walk past these n-gg-s
and ride on these bustas
just keep mashin these n-gg-s
and after we do it
we’ll toss the tec
and ghetto
plus i know not else but to f-ckin’ floss the set
you ain’t gotta ask who’s hot
who’s on top
i gotta question to ask yall foreal
tru or not
if i got two guns
i’m sure one gon’ bust
if i got two n-gg-s wildin’ out
when i bust, one gon’ duck
the one that’s wildin’ the most
that’s the one i’ma bust
he still trippin’ after that
i’ma give him two cuz he don’t think one was enough