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50cal – we see lyrics


welcome to the ascension, music so woke got the men in black sent, from ashes i’ve risen, speak my mind better listen, awakening that’s the mission the illuminati be hissing, this ain’t no f-cking prison freedom be god given
we just getting down to business, making music for the m-sses, hear us, in the eye of the storm like horus, what was back then is now us
we are the new powers the illusion you allowed us cannot go announced it’s time for you to sit the f-ck down

hold up, state of mind that’s a state of life, validation comes from the inside, living breathing but are you still alive? not everything is black and white read between the lines open up your eyes! the truth is there hiding in plain sight, set your soul ablaze and come alive, dancing through the night, truth will allow us overcome all adversity and step into the light, and there’s no stopping us come rock with us building sp-ceships like the magic school bus, yeah we be on tour, this be that natural law, the universe is alive, f-ck that 9 to 5
yeah f-ck that 9 to 5, we be up all night, we be partying till the sun rise on another planet, everybody fine, head up in the clouds, might go to orion, sp-ce travel like the kitty nyan, i might just go and meet a lyran, pleiadian to the sirians, in the end everybody wins