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50caliburr – love lyrics


50caliburr out this b-tch n-gga (uh)
said let me tell you bout, said let me tell you bout love

i gotta admit i hate it
bout half a these b-tches gamin i gotta admit i play i just
can’t stand the thought of me losin
i’m pullin up wit a shorty she got a man but she choosin me i apologize in advance
you bought lil mama a ring then she blew me off in the stands i just
i understand how you feelin
you thought that she was forever
her only interest was stealin from you
do not get lost in the beauty
she finna put you in a movie
she gon say meet me outside then her
n-ggas gone ride out the back wit them toolies
love won’t be nice to you n-gga i’m warning you
if you don’t like it then sue me
but you could never outdo me

imagine college is our lives
and loving people a course
you cheat to p-ss and get married until you’re caught and divorced just imagine
there’s people in your cl-ss that take it serious
then there’s the slackers that think you nerds is delirious
like me for example
i used to be one a y’all
i raised my hand and stood tall
i did the extra credit work and didn’t mind it at all
my pen stroke
was cleaner than a f-ckin’ bag a lysol
until that curveball

i learned you shorties is cruel
just using n-ggas like tools
i built a wall so when you b-tches try to play me i’m cool
my heart been absent so d-mn long it’s boutta drop outta school
yo that’s too true
now i just focus on music
i realized that i could do this
i don’t got time for you b-tches to waste anymore of it
plottin and lootin
i just be minding my business
my mind is on riches that’s what i’m pursuing
all these other n-ggas snoozing
i be steady losin sleep
the only time my mind at peace is
when i’m in the music
when the meds can’t do the job i know a verse a do it
i done planned out every step of this i won’t be losin
popped up outta nowhere but half a you n-ggas still my students