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50shot – tick tock lyrics


(man, drop that sh-t for these f-ck n-ggas)

(lets go guys)

(this is my first song)

i was happy this morning
i was comforting it
i went to the studio and saw this hoe, so let’s go, lets go with the flow
girl you on me, i’m on you. i’m a roll, imma take you on a stroll, girl get the toilet roll. it’s gonna be messy, get ready. it’s gonna be s-xy, and you gon like it

tick tock (girl, girl)

i’m waiting

dont make it sh-tty. im b-tchy. you sissy. we’ll make it work, and i promise i’m not gonna be a jerk. i did my homework on ya. you like it dirty, so make it flirty. don’t do it girly (go girl), i’m not a fan of waking up early
but still we did it. you be acting up a bit, you should eat banana-split. i don’t make the rules

tick tock (girl, girl)
tick tock, d-ck on clock
tick tock (girl, girl)

(lets go guys)

don’t call me i’m free like the sea, b-tch go and get on your knees!
i won’t commit. you won’t admit. we both havin problems we cannot fix. it’s r-t-rded. you responded. you applauded. so that’s when you bombarded me, f-ck. don’t wanna think about you, sorry it’s true, you always knew. don’t like it fake (yeeeaah). for our sake (yeeeah). you were a mistake (yeeeahh). f-cked my brother, instead! (that shiiit)

50 out here, guys it was a pleasure (yeah, it was)