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5122 – ​flash lyrics


[verse 1: morgue]
don’t think this sh+t’s working, don’t think that i’m learning
i’m so overwhelmed, i might have to get to murkin’
yeah, this b+tch asking for a birkin
she can’t even text me back, what a burden
come and get your ho ’cause she flirting
i’m with 51, b+tch, yeah, you heard it here
i’ma be making this art still in like thirty years
i remember playing flash games in my early years
now i’m cool as f+ck, consider that a souvenir
one day i’ma disappear and then reappear
she said that she love me, i think she’s insincеre
i’ll probably f+ck up your whole life and just intеrfere

[verse 2: 5122]
i just want to know if you down for this
she just sucked up on my d+ck, now she got a lisp
when i was thirteen, i was taking trips
when i was fourteen, i was smoking zips
i just blew this b+tch back watching pixar
that boy is a f+ggot and he edit on picsart
walk around, b+tch, i’m f+cking stepping
sag my jeans ’cause i got that lethal weapon
she got nut up in her hair, she don’t f+cking care
fade a mexican dude, he looking like he blair

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