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518lajuan – holly jolly lyrics


yo everyone have a holly christmas make that wish list ask for money
a bentley some candy and brandy. put up that tree do you see the way
i use hyperbole’s grow a goatee dress up all s-xy don’t eat healthy
eat the berry cut it down with a machete. get all sweaty and throw the
confetti ok ok now lets do a real rap. if you don’t know how to rap i’ll just
make a trap app go up to a maple tree and drink the sap don’t do drugs
and don’t try and be a thug only give hugs and have cute pugs make a few
bucks and fill up the trucks. so have a holly christmas if someone is mean
to you just have some forgiveness handle your business. make some
coco oh no she is being loco just throw up our logo i’m wearing the polo
i’m having fun the police we outrun everything is redone start a new life
marry your wife go into the afterlife and just have some fun on christmas
day swim by the bay but not in winter cuz then you’lll get sick let me show
you a trick, take a lunatic and give him a handpick he is no politic but he
has a candlestick it makes no sense because my rhymes are dense
we must commence the offense and make this story intense so
the man died in the end from a heart attack his wife then put his heart in a
plaque no he wasn’t black but he did look like a jack, no disrespect but
your logic is incorrect retrospect my past get cl-ssed and make a hook go!

holly jolly christmas
don’t be suspicious
holly jolly h..h..holly jolly

verse 2
everyone have a holly christmas don’t make a wish list don’t ask for
money, a bentley, candy, brandy. don’t put up that tree use the machete
to cook some ham remember the telegram thats what your gonna get for
christmas that’s it!

hook x2