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519shhh – hop lyrics


splash her with the drip
splash her with the drip

give the word a green light
me and my bros can’t sleep right
yeah she splash up on my grow yeah
i splash her with my drip yeah
now you really dont deserve it
i remember i was heard but you didn’t do sh#t

you ain’t f#ck with me back then
you ain’t love me you was actin’
broke my heart beat it’s tragic
baby i’m rich don’t ask how
you starin’ at me now you won’t laugh now
b#tch you lied
b#tch you lied
broke my heart but you did it again, did it again
hit it from the back that’s a backend
now you wanna see me i’m taxin’
two#door wraith[?] m
i’m a star
play in the car
[?] sp#ce coupe, landin’ on mars baby
[?] i’ma be on the charts baby
my gang in my heart baby
put no b#tch over my grind baby
b#tch i don’t f#ck with the opps
f#cked that b#tch now i’m on the next b#tch
briggas be hating cuz we got too much drip