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5’2 drew – child support lyrics


[intro: lor vir, 5’2 drew]
lor vir

[verse 1: lor vir]
fuck child support
she can suck or abort
looking for my p-ssport
dipping to the airport
fuck 5’2 drew
ima fuck bridget two
piece chicken bust a nut
now i’m dipping
we all geek
while my pull out game week
got my seed in that b-tch
then i k!ll her no one snitch
fuck my friends mom
now they both call me daddy
now ima set a bomb
what is the addy
i ain’t pat no child support
k!ll myself before court
call my seed an import
sex is a contact sport
sunday mourning m-ss
have a asthma attack
gonna die so fast
while your girl throw it back
fuck the gov dawgs
split the cheeks insert my log
make them my b-tch
they as bad as big rich
they call me 5’2 drew squared
cause i’m a 6’2 jew
like i’m hindu
uzi through the roof
hopping off this track too quick
then fucking yo b-tch
she is too thick, too sick, too slick
shit on my d-ck
smaller than a tick
my shits a shrimp
and it wasn’t even limp

[verse 2: 5’2 drew]
fuck child support
i’m headed to the airport
fuck that b-tch two times
baby need a bed time
girl calls me daddy
that b-tch ain’t my daughter
but she slide the addy
mission fuck the b-tch is a go
your girl is a hoe
got gold around my neck
just cashed a check
fuck cuffing season
left the b-tch without a reason
fucked her in the hotel
gave that b-tch a sex cell
just hit the bong
pull out game strong
shotgunned the geeb
your b-tch i force feed
call me odell
i catch my nut then fairwell
b-tch i hit the folks
crushed your girls hopes
accuse me of rape
b-tch i’m wearing bape
yea we take a flick
now i gotta dip
yea fuck gov dogs
i’ll shoot them like vlogs
don’t u dare slander bizzle
money make it drizzle
boi your rollie fake
your b-tch is a snake
bake your -ss like a cake