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52esco – reminisce lyrics


ayy, look, ayy

{verse 1}
i trap with the strap on my lap
i trap with the strap on my lap
i trap with the strap on my lap
if a n-gga talk down he get handled
stay with ammo call me five deuce rambo
b-tch i’m about that action so don’t gamble
stay with racks they on me what you thought
duck and dodging opps i can’t get caught
f-ck a b-tch ’cause i got no heart
if you on my d-ck please get off
’cause i’m sick and tired of the hatin’
all of the fakin’ swear these n-ggas snakin’
can’t cuff b-tches ’cause they all so basic
i’m just stackin’ riches smokin’ daily
hit the stu’ and droppin’ heat on baby
i got pills weed what you need?
had to stop the trappin’ to these fiends
’cause the street life really ain’t for me
i done lost my friends and family
so i gotta make it get mines
run it up and never look behind
‘member trappin’ hard servin’ dimes
money only thing was on my mind
december 15th lost my moms
sh-t was sad as f-ck
steady cryin’
wanted to cop an iron an’ start firin’
swear that death was always on my mind
’till i started rappin’ making music
juggin’ n-ggas i knew just as students
crib was like a trap house
sh-t was boomin’
makin’ transactions everyday
pops was like “where you get this cake?”
keep on trappin’ end up like yo moms
dead, gone, and everybody cryin’
so a n-gga had to step inside

this sh-t on my mind
i just reminisce
think about all the time
i just reminisce