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5400 dylan – 5400 bandit lyrics


(gang sh-t ,5400 sh-t)


let it known i keep the choppa on me

all my n-ggas got clips b-tch no movie scene

these n-ggas hoes these n-ggas f-gs ain’t no friend of me

i’m smoking dope or counting bands yea usually

i’m with trap he tote the mac b-tch we tpe

shoot that pistol stop flashing you ain’t in the streets

i got the sauce i got the recipe

( free my n-gga chaunsey)

i got this pole in my pants i ah light this b-tch up

and we sippin h-lla slow got hi tec in the cup

and i f-ck yo main b-tch that lil jit was a dub

and yo n-gga broke as f-ck yea that n-gga a scrub

and we shot yo mans bet you won’t say nun

and these n-ggas talking down but they won’t man up

i’m feeling good i’m off the xan yea this sh-t got me slumped

i got twenty pair of jays but you won’t take nun

i’m geeked , i’m booted , we robbing all these foolies

these b-tches they going , they f-cking they h-rny

all these l!cks yea we scorin dropping jays like jordan

all my b-tches yea they forigen ( trapping early morning)