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55 deltic – eden valley line lyrics


drawn by the fl!cker of the blue pilot light
too worn and to empty to put up a fight
alone and obsolete the incinerator burns on
the smoke just
visible in the 6am light
it burns on pulled from the seams
a thread with no end
constantly frayed
complex reactions
to simple emotions
repetitive frustrations
contradict the outcome
does it ever feel like you were pulled apart at the seams
to only fix and heal total and whole
sometimes in drеams i’m afforded missed apologies
thе needle and thread
hold it over the blue pilot light
too worn to fight
sterilised and torn away
i’m so scared i’m so small
i do less and less seems so
much more
i can’t stand i am frayed
paralysed by the emptiness
i’m so small i’m afraid
held it to my bare extremities
pressing hard against my arms
i find there’s nothing left to hurt
there is nothing left to hurt