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555duende – coming home lyrics


yuh uh

[verse 1]
she told me that she wanna let go
i’m on my way home
got the text and i froze
text back and ask “what’s wrong”
she don’t respond
i feel like she got the knife in her palm
text back and i say “i won’t be long”
i told her “think about the good moments”
she told me trying to help her was hopeless
i feel like my soul is amiss
my heart dropped in to an abyss
i told her “think of reasons”
she told me she have reasons
none of them have her left to live
she sent me a picture of her wrists
and a bottle of pills
she told me that “they were right that love k!lls”

told her that i’m coming home
“i’m on my way home”
i text her “i love you”
she don’t respond
i hope for the best
i got a pain in my chest
if you ever feel like this
text someone who means something to you
call the suicide hotline
i advise you to not hide your feelings
don’t keep them bottled up
i love you
i care about you