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555duende – the devil wrote this lyrics


wild eyes
they are black
like the magic 8 ball

[verse 1]
my mind is h-ll
my neuce and several other ways of ending it all
wait on my shelf
until i wish for death
satan answers
he k!lls me rather then me k!lling myself
i’ve seen the devil himself
sit back while my confidence melts
lucifer lost in my soul
confused through the street where i roam
gotta get numb
i am so alone
i smoke while the devil consumes the pope
he’s smiles back knowing he’s at the throne
holding the crown it shattered
death pr-ne
an angel lends a hand cause is soul is fractured
while my soul is consumed, eaten, and thrown
he is at the crown
the war between demons and angels is won
he grins at the ground knowing he’s got graves to dig
souls for lunch
he knows the job is done
he sp-wns demons with the slits on his wrist
a flower is grown with the blood

[verse 2]
f-cked for the rest of our lives
i’m always bad vibes
she said she be with me till she died
her house got robbed and they took everything inside
including her life
-gun shot-

don’t you dare touch me!
stand back!
no! no!
-gun shot-