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56nny – junkyard lyrics


got no time for them hoes they be stressing me
all alone in this world cuz i ain’t feeling me

i got a lot of cash i buy with it the whole bag
i got like 30g’s i smoke to fall and lay back
i just want to chill i go to the store to buy a
drink drink drink drink and some snack to go with
with it i smoke to get nauseous some times
i rap it out like a f+cking junkie
good bye for now
you’re f+cking lucky

yea i’m smoking cbd it hits my lounges hard
now i’m all up in this b+tch glitch in the graveyard
switch out my whole friend group k!ll me now
yea k!ll me now through me to the ground
another round of the henny think i’m bouta drown
i walk in my town looking like a f+cking clown
when we chill in your house kiss me when i frown
when i tell you good bye i try to hide my down