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57 pixels – dark horse lyrics


[verse 1: 57 pixels]
hold up, is that my name you’re calling?
stuck in cl-ss with no money, no wallet
with two friends why am i even in college?
my grades have been doing nothing but falling
rap is the only thing i’m good at
but i still suck at that should of been a hood rat
but i bet i’ll do worse at that so i move back
if i keep bending my back for everyone i could snap
f-ck this, i wish i could go back. a whole 180 like a new cap
back to a place before this. before i ever wrote my first chorus
before i went camping and puked in that forest
even before i thought women were gorgeous. i feel like a tourist
everything i see is new to me, its weird cause usually

[chorus: katy perry]
so you wanna play with magic?
boy, you should know what you’re falling for
baby, do you dare to do this?
cause i’m coming at you like a dark horse
are you ready for?
ready for?
a perfect storm?
perfect storm?
cause once you’re mine
once you’re mine
there’s no going back

[verse 2: 57 pixels]
i’ve never met anyone quite like her
in the bedroom she prefers all nighters
i don’t wanna get to close it might hurt
like sticking it in from behind like i sniped her
christ your, so incredible
so exceptional you need a pedestal
her timing was just impeccable
the next place she wants to f-ck is a confessional
i guess that’s cool, yeah i guess that’s cool
whatever let’s me make a mess of you
a fresh -ss dude, i’m a fresh -ss dude
and she still thinks she’ll be my next tattoo
is this your best debut?
i’ve seen better from one legged stripers near the island boo
don’t stress this, you
will blow up louder and better than that wildin’ dude
haha, that’s a stab at nick
all i want to do mirah is grab that t-t, and after it
we’ll find a nice place to jump into a cab and dip


[verse 3: juicy j]
uh, she’s a beast
i call her karma
she eat your heart out
like jeffrey dahmer
be careful
try not to lead her on
shawty’s heart is on steroids
cause her love is so strong
you may fall in love
when you meet her
if you get the chance you better keep her
she’s sweet as pie but if you break her heart
she turn cold as a freezer
that fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor
she can be my sleeping beauty
i’m gon’ put her in a coma (woo!)
d-mn, i think i love her
shawty so bad
i’m sprung and i don’t care
she ride me like a roller coaster
turn the bedroom into a fair
her love is like a drug
i was tryna hit it and quit it
but lil mama so dope
i messed around and got addicted