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57 pixels – déjà vu lyrics


ugh what happened man? all i remember is that

[verse 1]
as i, hand over my last gram
i pocket that jackson when it gets past then
then, all i hear is gun shots; clack bang
the only thing on my mind was catching that black man
projectiles flying make all of the cats scram
i run to my door and i open that cr-p van
i catch up and then i attack, d-mn
now i got him singing like a bald hugh jackman
i wake up wondering where i am at, d-mn
all that’s here is bottles without tops or caps man
where was jesus when i asked for him?
i guess request only get through after sucking his fat ham
as he lays on the floor, i look at the black man
take off the top, and start pouring the gas can
pull out the magnum, and fire the dragon
then i realize that i’ve witnessed this action

sometimes i feel so alone, i just don’t know
it feels like i’ve been down this road before
so lonely and cold, it’s like something takes o-
ver me as soon as i come home and close the door
kinda feels like déjà vu
i want to get away from this place i do
but i can’t and i won’t
say i try cause i know
that it’s lie cause i don’t
and why, i just don’t know

[verse 2]
as i, wake up in a foreign place
eyes stay shut cause it feels like someone’s been pouring mace
in them, and more on my face, what more can i take?
just push me in that wooden box in store me in graves
she said, ” you’re a disgrace; a wh0r- outta place
the more that i gain, is the more that you take
you’re fake, but hey someone will stop you before you get great!”
shut up, or you’re endure some duct tape
over your legs, wrist and all over the place
or you’ll get more than just rape
don’t even think you’ll survive, nor an escape
i’ll frighten you more than door when it shakes
f-ck it, i want to change these boring -ss drapes
and i’m an insomniac at least conan is great
popped a couple addies and vickies why wait-
hey, i’ve been before to this gate


[verse 3]
as i, pinch the filter of this cigarette
inhale that mint smoke, because i don’t feel it yet
it hits hard and sick like a fit cadet
as i cruise down the road bumping a thick c-ssette
thinking about all i do and risk for checks
i like my girls in twos, so i guess i dig a set
stop acting up trick, or i’ll crench ya neck
stop screaming ya dumb sl-t, or b-tch ya next
you’re acting a lot like this trick i met
and if it continues i won’t let ya pick ya death
no matter what, you can’t fill this d-ck’s regret
i can sense this disc in decks, it’s like i dropped kick your rep
because no ones going to be able to get the sh-t i’ve said
even though it’s all i do i’m pretty much drenched in sweat
and i’m taking it on you because it time my d-ck gets wet
stop squirming around b-tch, you act like its a big request
now that you’re dormant i can finally unclip my vest
but wait this scenery i cannot comprehend in depth
it’s dark and clammed shut have my eyes been kept
and i’ve seen this before when i was sleeping in this bed i slept in